The Peace*Love*Happiness Charity Motorcycle Ride was conceived in 2002 while two bikers were riding through the Texas Hill Country. During a pit-stop at Poodies Hill Top, John Paul Dejoria, "Captain of Industry" and "Steward of the Planet", along with his long time friend and riding buddy, Gary Spellman, decided to take a stand after hearing how horribly an Austin Police Officer was being criticized for risking his life to save another. That day, the Peace*Love*Happiness was born. They would go on to create an event that helped and supported the families of fallen peace officers and any and all abused and neglected children. Since then, the event has gone on to support not only the 100 Club of Central Texas but global causes as well, such as The Water Keepers Alliance. Unshared success is failure...

JP Paws

Thanks to your support of Peace*Love*Happiness, and its annual motorcycle ride, John Paul and Gary were able to purchase this amazing animal...All the way from Germany - we are pleased to introduce JP Paws! This German Sheppard just arrived in Austin to take his new post as a Narcotics officer with the Austin Police Department. His trainer describes him as having HIGH DRIVE, intense when on the job, and personality plus. We're told he has a wicked sense of humor (and enjoys hiding toys and knocking over food bowls of other dogs!) Please join us on April 13th and 14th, 2012 for our 10th Annual PLH where JP Paws and his human partners will be our special guests!

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